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An open and exploratory design-led research centre at Lancaster University
We conduct applied and theoretical research into people, products, places and their interactions.
We work with a variety of organisations to provide fresh perspectives on real-world issues and facilitate innovation.
We offer Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD study opportunities. All our staff are active researchers with extensive expertise in teaching.


ProtoPolicy Video Journey

OutcomeDigital or Visual Products
ProtoPolicy Video Journey

This video provides a video journey of the ProtoPolicy project. It shows the path the research team followed, which included a number of co-design workshops with older people imagining the future implications of policy initiatives in creative ways. This lead to the co-creation of two design fiction...More information

Lost Futures at Film Architectures Festival

Lost Futures at Film Architectures Festival

Nick Dunn gave a keynote address at the international film festival in Lisbon.

His presentation, 'Lost Futures: framing critical utopias between film and architecture' launched the Film Architectures: Welcome to the Future international film festival, held across Lisbon. It forms...Read full update

Liveable Cities presents... the Skype Sessions

Liveable Cities presents... the Skype Sessions

Join us for our next Skype Session about ecosystem services in cities!

Back in Spring 2015, Liveable Cities presents... The Skype Sessions held three successful sessions on topics, such as Determining City Performance, Complexity in Cities, and Sharing and the City. Now, after a short summer...Read full update

The musical Bench featured by BBC Radio Lancashire..

The musical Bench featured by BBC Radio Lancashire..

..during its exhibition at the Dementia Futures event

A musical bench, developed by members of ImaginationLancaster, that allows older people to stretch whilst creating music, has been featured on Friday the 18th of September by BBC Radio Lancashire.    The musical bench was...Read full update

Tips on Non Tokenistic Youth Engagement

Tips on Non Tokenistic Youth Engagement

A critical part of Leapfrog’s first major research project is the phase where we will facilitate a co-design process with young people aged 13-17. To prepare for this we met with Leapfrog Advisory Board member Emma Barrett. Emma leads Silk Innovation Lab, a small team based within Kent County...Read full update

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Imagining our future with drones https://t.co/z1XK6DmzoE

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The landscape of public sector innovation labs from Design For Europe: http://t.co/uwvjzvDqxa

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Want More Women in Tech? Design it. http://t.co/vGvbAOFfgJ from @ideo

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Bike lane blues: why don’t businesses want a £30m cycle-friendly upgrade? http://t.co/nJ7LUW6pFr via @johnurry

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Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently via @smashingmag: http://t.co/Z4d0ibAlVi

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Networking for social change: how the Soup project is changing the UK - BBC News http://t.co/14UdM53SUB

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How one Paris startup is becoming an Uber for people with disabilities http://t.co/f4Sdfa9g7g via @socialgood

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The sustainable development fight will be won or lost in our cities http://t.co/DYcCVq6nLl

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The unknown designer of the first home pregnancy test discovered: persistance was the key http://t.co/nBCPzy5vPI

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Cars are killing us – so how do we wean ourselves off them? http://t.co/D7YN2Ycwp7

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