Creative Exchange

Creative Exchange
Creating New Contexts for Growth in the Experience Economy

We bring together pioneering companies and the best academic thinkers to explore the potential of something we are calling digital public space where anyone, anywhere, anytime can access, explore and create with digital content.

This unique consortium draws on the research excellence of interdisciplinary and complementary design innovation labs at three universities – Lancaster University, Newcastle University and the Royal College of Art – and connects it with public and private sectors, linking large and small-scale businesses, service providers and citizens. Together, our expertise in developing and applying creative techniques to navigate unexplored challenges includes designers, artists, curators, producers, broadcasters, engineers, managers, technologists and writers – and will draw on wider expertise from across the partner universities and beyond.

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The Creative Exchange responds to profound changes in practice in the creative and media-based industries stimulated by the opening of the digital public space, the ability of everyone to access, explore and create in any aspect of the digital space, moving from ‘content consumption’ to ‘content experience’. It will explore new forms of engagement and exchange in the broadcast, performing and visual arts, digital media, design and gaming sectors, by focusing on citizen-led content, interactive narrative, radical personalization and new forms of value creation in the context of the ‘experience economy’. The primary geographic focus is in the Northwest of England centred around the opportunity presented by the growth of MediaCityUK and its neighbouring economy. The three universities will act as local test beds with field trials in London, Lancaster and Newcastle prior to larger public facing field trials. This will support the Northwest regional strategy for growth in digital and creative media industries, whilst generating comparative research and development locally, nationally and internationally. 

Project cluster topics:Public Service Innovation and Democracy; Rethinking Working Life, Making the Digital Physical; Performance, Liveness and Participation; Stories, Archives and Living Heritage; Building Social Communities: Structures for Growth

Project Team

CooperCooper Rachel Cooper Design Management, Design Policy, Design Thinking, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime, Design & Manufacture
CoultonCoulton Paul Coulton Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Game Design, Design as Rhetoric, Research through Design, Design Futures, Play, Toys
CruickshankCruickshank Leon Cruickshank Open Design and Innovation, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy
HemmentHemment Drew Hemment Art Curation, Open Data, Social Technologies, Smart Cities, Digital Innovation
JacobsJacobs Naomi Jacobs Senior Research Associate, The Creative Exchange
MurphyMurphy Emma Murphy Design Management, Research Methodology & Methods, Branding (Organisational, Place and Services), Design Thinking, Design Procurement, Briefing Process, Design and Business.
WhithamWhitham Roger Whitham Human-Computer Interaction, Visualisation, Interactive Structures, Collaborative Tools, Virtual Work Environments, Facilitation
AllenAllen Pam Allen AHRC Design Leadership Fellowship Coordinator
SangiorgiSangiorgi Daniela Sangiorgi Service Design, Design for Public Services, Service Innovation

Partners / Funders

Project Partners

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Digital Tools at the AHRC 4-hubs Event

Digital Tools at the AHRC 4-hubs Event

Sharing and debating policy challenges for the AHRC, UK Universities and the UK Government using collaborative digital tools.

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Designing a New Design PhD?

OutcomeConference Paper
Designing a New Design PhD?

By Dr. Emma Murphy and Dr. Naomi Jacobs ...More information

Exploring future models of Executive Education in Design Management

Exploring future models of Executive Education in Design Management

Design Management Institute Workshop, by Dr Emma Murphy and Dr Naomi Jacobs

At the recent Design Management Institute Conference in London, Emma Murphy and Naomi Jacobs ran a workshop which explored future models of executive education for designers and design managers. We welcomed 38...Read full update

Creative Lounge Peep Board Tool

Creative Lounge Peep Board Tool

IDEAS for Impact offer support and help design tools for a CX event.

IDEAS for Impact have been offering projects across the university support in their collaborative research activities.  The Creative Exchange were one of the first projects to receive this support for the planning and...Read full update

Television in the Internet of Things

Television in the Internet of Things

How will traditional media such as television and radio adapt as they become part of a larger Internet of Things.

I had the great pleasure of spending last term on sabbatical within the BBC R&D lab at MediaCityUK to effectively engage in some knowledge exchange between my research...Read full update

High Quality High Impact Research: The 6 magic words to use to get a top rated REF impact statement

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High Quality High Impact Research: The 6 magic words to use to get a top rated REF impact statement

29th of January 2014, The University of Leicester

Its not really fair to start a presentation with the promise of ‘6 magic words to guarantee a top rated impact statement for the REF’ but this was a starting point for a seminar I ran for Arts and Humanities academics at the...Read full update