Stories 2 Connect

Stories 2 Connect
Enabling children and young people at the margins of society to tell their won stories.

This research project is addressing the issues that children and young people at the margins of society, such as those on the edge of Barnardo’s services, have things to say but lack the means to be heard. Often media stories reinforce and actively construct negative stories about people who access services, while such characters are often omitted, marginalized or stereotyped in children’s literature. This lack of audience for their own perspectives on aspects of their lives erects barriers to children and young people’s for improving their own lives and those of other children and young people in their community. To address this we will enable stories to collected by and from other disadvantaged children and young people and then they will design their own objects we will enable them to spread their own stories to members of their wider communities.

Project Team

CoultonCoulton Paul Coulton Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Game Design, Design as Rhetoric, Research through Design, Design Futures, Play, Toys
BurnettBurnett Dan Burnett Research Through Design, Game Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Modelling

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Workshop to Design Storytelling Machines

Workshop to Design Storytelling Machines

New ways of telling stories

As part of our research with young people from Barnado’s towards enabling their experiences to be heard to a wide audience but importantly from their own words we ran a physical prototyping workshop. The aim of the workshop was to allow the young people to design...Read full update